School of Law

  • Anglo-Brazilian Dialogues on Law and Religion

    Together with our partners at the Universidade Federal de Uberlandia (UFU), The Fundamental Rights and Equality Group (FREG) is hosting an on-going dialogue on the interaction of law and religion, drawing on both UK and Brazilian insights into areas of common concern.

    Recent events in the dialogue have include  e-seminars on religious symbols and the criminal law; and on  sacred ground, sacred spaces, and sacred places.

    In May 2016  Sarah Hayes, a PhD student with FREG, visited UFU and other partners in Brazil interested in deepening our dialogue in the area of law and religion and cognate fields.

    Her visit included taking part in learned panels on law and religion at UFU and in Rio de Janeiro. She also worked with Brazilian students from the Attorney General’s School in Rio de Janeiro to introduce them to both the UK legal scene and to legal English.


    In September 2016, colleagues from UFU and elsewhere will be joining The School of Law at Oxford Brookes University for a workshop exploring common concerns around law, religion, and freedom of speech