Mariam Noueiri

Graduate Diploma in Law, 2014

Mariam Noueiri

I found all the lecturers enthusiastic about their subjects and eager for us to absorb as much information as possible

As she awaits her results after an intensive year, Mariam Noueiri reflects on her Graduate Diploma in Law at Oxford Brookes.

After studying for a BSc English and Neuroscience and an MSc Cognitive Brain Imaging, the GDL course at Oxford Brookes seemed to end in the blink of an eye. There is a lot of material to cover and so the time goes by so quickly on this course, it’s important to make the most of it!

The GDL offers a fast-track route for understanding the essentials of law and providing a means of moving onto the Legal Practitioners Course without having to take several years to complete a law degree.

There were three deciding factors for me in choosing to do the GDL at Brookes: firstly the opportunity of receiving continuous feedback, as (unlike other GDL courses) there are unmarked essays and coursework opportunities, rather than being marked exclusively from exams; secondly the smaller classroom-size allows for a sense of community within your peers; thirdly the more academic approach taken at Oxford Brookes.

I found all the lecturers enthusiastic about their subjects and eager for us to absorb as much information as possible. Staff are always quick to point out areas of law that are particularly controversial or common in practice and areas which might see change in the near future. Having this understanding is particularly useful.

Andrew Kopkin delivered a reassuring and motivating induction course for the GDL with his promise that if we work hard and don’t panic, everything would be okay.

Jeff Young’s no-nonsense approach to contract law made everything simple and clear from the outset, making sure that the basic principles of the topic were known by heart, by everyone.

Marc Howe’s engaging style made tort law accessible and often entertaining while ensuring that key principles of law were always highlighted clearly.

Outside of my studies, the area has a lot to offer. Oxford is a unique city, feeling a lot like a close-knit town but with the theatre and attractions that are associated with its city status. Many coffee shops are filled with people focused on studies or research, and the community is very used to the presence of students. It’s not hard to find somewhere new to study peacefully.

What happens next for me is dependent on the results of applications, so fingers crossed! Either way, I would definitely like to continue a career in law.