Centre for Curriculum Internationalisation (CCI) will provide a focus for the many initiatives on Internationalisation of the Curriculum (IoC) at Oxford Brookes, nationally and internationally.

CCI is a group of researchers and educators committed to research, cross-institutional dialogue and policy change within four key areas of: internationalising the curriculum for all; critical clarification and problematisation of the complex concepts of internationalisation and global citizenship; the embedding of responsible and ethical engagement with social and environmental issues in the graduate attribute of global citizenship; and developing a research community that shares and develops good practice.

Membership of CCI provides the following benefits:

  • a network between tertiary education institutions working on IoC from different perspectives
  • a googlegroup to facilitate networking and dissemination of good practice
  • face-to-face networking meetings
  • themed one-day events leading to publication
  • a website for access to resources and current research in the area
  • facilitation of collaborative research and educational development
  • identification of funding and other opportunities for IoC initiatives
  • dissemination of knowledge of national and international events

Additional information: