Case studies

The following case studies have all been contributed by Brookes staff and give a flavour of some of the valuable work that is contributing to the internationalisation of the curriculum at Brookes. All the case studies contain the contributors’ contact details and they would welcome discussion about their work. We hope that the examples will inspire you to take and adapt the ideas to use in your own modules. We want to build the case studies into a substantial resource of ideas so...

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We are seeking good practice examples of Internationalisation of the Curriculum (IoC) ie the inclusion of global perspectives, cross cultural capability or responsible citizenship in the content, teaching methods or assessment strategies of your courses. All we are seeking is a one-page description of your example and you receive a £30 book token for your trouble. To generate these examples we are asking you to take just half an hour to write one page describing the activity you use. A template is available (Word document, 36KB) if you wish to use it. A book token of £30 will be paid for each contribution.

Please send your examples, or address any queries, to Mary Deane (Chair), OCSLD, ext 5662, email

We look forward to hearing from you!