International Transport Planning: Policy and Practice


Tim Jones


Built Environment/Planning


Presentations to peer group about transport policy and practice in native country forming 50% of overall assessment mark for module P37906 International Transport Planning: Policy and Practice.


Graduate students of the MSc Transport Planning degree taking module P37906 International Transport Planning: Policy and Practice.


This exercise provides students from different nations with the opportunity to reflect on what they have learned during the series of lectures and seminars and to evaluate the direction of their own country’s land use and transport policies within the context of wider global strategies for transport.


The module (P37906 International Transport Planning: Policy and Practice) provides students with the opportunity to explore the different approaches to transport provision and policy employed around the world. The module looks at examples of good practice and inspirational transport initiatives as well as examining the barriers to the transference of good practice to other countries. The module also looks at failing transport systems and will critically examine the reasons and explanations for this failure. The development of transport policy in different regions of the world is examined in the context of global economic and environmental forces and change. Through their own case study seminar presentations and reports students are able to explore in depth the transport provision and policy of individual countries and regions. The module also offers the opportunity to attend a fieldtrip in The Netherlands during Week 0 of Semester 2 and to experience first-hand the Dutch integrated approach to transport planning.


Students may be willing to provide a quote of their experience. Please get in touch if this is required – contact details below.


Feedback from the module evaluation was positive. Students expressed that they were pleased to be able to investigate transport policy and practice in their own country and to be given the opportunity to share this with their peer group. Again, please get in touch if you would like me to put you in touch with students for their reflections/quotes.

Other comments Risks: The success of this approach relies on a diverse mix of participants from different settings to avoid geographical repetition. UK students may be at an advantage having sat through Transport Policy module during the same semester that specifically covers both historical and contemporary approaches to transport planning in the UK.

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