Using formal and informal curricula to improve interactions between home and international students

Friday 20 June 2008

Gipsy Lane Site

Oxford Brookes University

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The aim of this conference is to bring together and showcase curricula work that facilitates and enhances interaction between home, European and international students.

We welcome papers that focus on:

  • improving home student cross-cultural capability;
  • teaching cross-cultural skills;
  • managing and assessing cross-cultural group work;
  • international-international student integration;
  • the role of societies, special groups and learning spaces in facilitating cross-cultural interaction; and
  • improving, assessing and rewarding cross-cultural capability.


  • 6 February submission date for full abstracts (submit a paper)
  • 17 March abstracts will be refereed and acceptances confirmed
  • 12 June submission of draft papers
  • 14 July submission of final copy of paper for publication in a special edition of a journal.

Registration £50

For further information contact Valerie Clifford at

This conference is supported by the UK Council for International Student Affairs and the Higher Education Academy.