Conference Reports

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (2009). Internationalization of the curriculum: A practical guide to support Canadian universities’ efforts. Montreal: Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada.
This practical guide integrates the knowledge and lessons learned from research and outreach activities. It is meant as a primer and “checklist” of good practices to support Canadian university efforts to internationalize the curriculum – and ultimately prepare students with the international knowledge, perspective and skills needed to excel in an increasingly globalized economy and society

5th International Conference hosted by Centre for Curriculum Internationalisation (CCI), in association with CAPRI, the internationalisation stream of the Centre for Social and Educational Research across the Life course (SERL). Conference Theme: Global Citizenship as Personal and Pedagogical Practice
7-8 June 2013.

In the past decade, internationalisation of the curriculum in tertiary education has evolved as an area of empirical research and inquiry conducted within diverse theoretical frameworks. This work has also engaged students, teachers and other stakeholder groups in a dialogue which foregrounds the personal dimensions of teaching, learning and assessment practice and acknowledges the importance of personal and professional values.

Within the context of the internationalised curriculum the term ‘global citizenship’ is assuming currency as institutions in a complex, fast-changing, globalised world strive to define the attributes required to enable graduates to make a worthwhile contribution to society and economy. At the same time however, it is becoming apparent that educating global citizens suggests personal, reflexive engagement and both individual and collective negotiation in a context where everyday practitioners talk, write and act the institution into existence. In this conference we take the opportunity to reflect critically upon ourselves as university educators. We are particularly interested in the ways the concept of global citizenship is translated as a conceptual framework into collaborative and community practices, into identity and discourse practices, into everyday narratives, into institutional change, and ethical accounts of the self.
Conference site has linked to videos and papers.

Internationalisation of Pedagogy and Curriculum in Higher Education: Exploring New Frontiers. HEA/UKCISA Teaching International Students (TIS) Project Conference in partnership with the Centre for Academic Practice and Research in Internationalisation (CAPRI), and the Centre for Internationalised Curriculum and Networking (CICIN),16-17 June 2011 University of Warwick Contains links to many papers from the conference.