Appendix A Parallel workshops (abstracts and papers are on the conference website)

Series A

  1. HE and sustainable development
  2. Internationalisation – institutional strategies for optimising benefits and mitigating risks
  3. Keys to equitable access and successful retention strategies in HE
  4. Public-private partnerships to meet demands for HE
  5. Institutional governance in HE: changing face of HE management
  6. The Bologna process beyond 2010 and beyond Europe?
  7. HE responding to challenges of ‘Education fro All; and the Millennium Development Goals
  8. Creating a HE Area built on solidarity


Series B

  1. Universities as engines for the development of their regions
  2. Accountability and risk management in the context of increased institutional autonomy
  3. International Co-operation for building capacity in quality assurance
  4. Trading or sharing – emerging opportunities and challenges for cross-border HE
  5. Impact of Open Education resources: what does research tell us?
  6. Teaching and learning for cultural diversity locally and globally
  7. Global student mobility: national strategies, international trends
  8. The future of research in HE