Internationalisation at module level

The programme learning outcomes will need to be reflected throughout the course but the degree of internationalisation and the way each module is internationalised will differ. This will be reflected in the module documentation and in the content, teaching and learning activities and assessment practices.

Module documentation

Module documentation should demonstrate the relationship of the programme learning outcomes to the module learning outcomes and how they will be developed and assessed during the course. Cross-cultural communication content and skills should be explicitly identified in module goals, objectives and assessment. Links with international professions, standards and practices should be made explicit and how these are going to be evaluated.

The following sections can be used to audit your current modules to determine where you already include global perspectives or develop cross-cultural capability and as a source of new ideas for further internationalisation.

You may also find the Case Studies written by other Brookes staff useful and might like to talk to them about their experiences with IoC.

You may find the key questions when planning to internationalise a module curriculum form useful to organise your ideas