Sharing cross-cultural knowledge project

This project is part of the Global Perspectives Curriculum Group bid and builds on the theme of developing and encouraging global and multi-cultural awareness.  In the School of Technology’s Television Operations Module students develop a fifteen minute television programme each week to air on Oxford TV Channel 6.  In the coming year the students will be briefed to include a five minute item in each programme from an international student.  This may be about their experiences as an international student, an issue from their home country, a look at their life at home etc.

As well as introducing the students involved, and the viewers, to an array of global and multi-cultural issues, it will also involve UK and international students in researching and producing the news item together, encouraging interaction between the students on the course and those who contribute to the programme.

Project objectives

  1. to enhance multi-cultural awareness
  2. to enhance awareness of global issues
  3. to enhance the interaction of international and UK students

Project outcomes


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