Educated outside Britain: educating in Britain – closing the circle

This project is part of the Centre for Internationalisation of the Curriculum and Networking BSLE bid and builds on the theme of encouraging intercultural dialogue. The project seeks to elicit the experiences of students educated outside Britain when entering the British education system and to generate resource materials for raising awareness of intercultural issues. Specifically, data will be gathered through focused in-class discussion and interviews  with students educated outside the UK, to explore their experience of mismatch, challenge or confusion in entering the UK educational system from their own systems (teacher trainees entering UK schools, undergraduates entering UK HE institutions). The aims of the project will be to:

  • generate ‘stories’ of critical incidents/experiences that exemplify aspects of the student experience, to be made available as publication to both staff and students; and
  • generate from interviews and stories,  ‘awareness raising’ materials for HE staff and school mentors, offering insights into the student experience of mismatch and challenge, and opportunities to ‘bridge the gap’ within each context based on student insights and our analysis of these. 

Project objectives

  • To identify specific ways in which UK educational experiences differ from, and offer challenges to, those educated outside the UK
  • To reformulate these insights as awareness raising materials for staff at Brookes and mentors in UK schools (ITT contexts)
  • To generate a database of student stories, as resource for both staff and students to appreciate the challenges of the UK academic environment for those educated outside the UK.


Jane Spiro (WIE)
Tel: ext 8613

Juliet Henderson (WIE)
Tel: ext 8476