Fostering interculturality and global perspectives at Brookes through dialogue with staff

Clifford et al 2010 Report on Fost Dialog Project BSELES.pdf

This project is part of the Centre for Internationalisation of the Curriculum and Networking BSLE bid and builds on the theme of encouraging intercultural dialogue within Brookes. The project proposes to facilitate dialogue between international staff, staff with international educational experience and local staff with a view to learning from each other and exploring how curricula and pedagogy at Brookes could be enhanced by this intercultural knowledge and experience.

A series of three forums are planned to engage staff in discussion of intercultural issues in the curriculum. From contact with staff at these forums ten staff will be approached to ‘tell their story’ in depth to provide case study material for development purposes. These activities will culminate in an AwayDay, with staff engaged with the project, where the results of all the events and the interviews will be presented and proposals and initiatives will be drafted for submission to the university’s Academic Enhancement and Standards Committee.

Project objectives

  • To engage Brookes staff in a dialogue about their experiences of education overseas and their experiences of teaching in the UK and to enter into a mutual learning space where new curricula and pedagogy can be envisioned for Brookes
  • To submit a report to the university’s Academic Enhancement and Standards Committee with recommendations for internationalising the curriculum.


Dr Valerie Clifford (OCSLD)
Tel: ext 5922

Professor Martin Haigh (SSSL)
Tel: ext 3785

Dr Hamed Adetunji (SHSC)
Tel: ext 8116