Programme development project for undergraduate degree in Economics, Politics and International Relations

This project is part of the Centre for Internationalisation of the Curriculum and Networking BSLE bid and centred around the development of a new undergraduate degree. We believe that it is particularly innovative in two main regards: firstly in that it is a single honours degree spanning two schools and secondly in that it has an explicitly international focus at its core. It forms part of the strategic redirection of the Business School, in particular the drive for EQUIS accreditation.

The degree follows previous and continuing research collaboration between members of the Economics and Politics departments. Provision for PDP will be an important part of the new degree, building for example on good practice in the current Economics synoptic module. One area we particularly would like to develop is that of internships or work placements (either paid or voluntary as appropriate) in organisations involved in international political and economic issues. This would reinforce the recently completed FDTL project initiated by the Politics Department.

Project objectives

  • To design a new degree across two schools which will be innovative pedagogically and have internationalisation at its core to benefit students on that new degree; and
  • To establish a body of knowledge and contacts which will both improve liaison with external organisations and the research-teaching nexus.


Judith Piggott (Business School)
Tel: ext 5930

Richard Huggins (SSL)
Tel: ext 3936

Fran Smith (Business School)
Tel: ext 5914

Andy Kilmister (Business School)
Tel: ext 5986