Student voices on internationalisation of the curriculum at Brookes

This project builds on a pilot project undertaken under the first BSLE round where small groups of students participated in semi-structured interviews to talk about their understanding and experiences of internationalisation of the curriculum at Brookes.  UREC approval was achieved for the project in May 2007.

The pilot project was successful in capturing information useful for the university as it develops its response to internationalisation so we now wish to obtain a wider range of student voices covering each School in the university and to audio record the interviews to capture the power of students’ own words.  Members of the Global Perspectives Curriculum Group will be involved in interviewing groups of students.  The interviews will be audio-recorded and the recordings transcribed for a theme analysis.  The student participants will receive a £5 cinema voucher for their participation and refreshments as appropriate.  The results of the project will identify for the university key areas of success and areas for development, and contribute to the formulation of Brookes strategies in learning and teaching for global and multicultural awareness.

Project objectives

  1. Identifying student experience of Brookes as an international university
  2. Identifying good practice that enhances the international experience
  3. Identifying areas for change and development in teaching and assessment strategy

Project outcomes


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