Directorate of Human Resources

The Vice-Chancellor announced the launch of a cross-University Voluntary Severance Scheme (VSS) on 8th May. Full details of the scheme here .

The overarching aim of the scheme is to achieve ongoing savings through voluntary means. If after reading the details of the scheme and taking account of communications from your Pro Vice-Chancellor or Director, you are interested in exploring VS, you should discuss this with your Head of Department in the first instance.

To obtain a personal VS quote you should complete an expression of interest form and submit it to the relevant contacts on page 2 of the form.

The application form is used to make formal request. Further questions are covered in the Q&A.

The Directorate of Human Resources is made up of: Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice, Health and Safety Division, Human Resources Management, the Nursery, and the Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development.