About the centre

The centre's activities focus on:

  • Interdisciplinary research linking legal and human resource management perspectives;
  • Applied research which brings together academics and practitioners to take an evidence-based approach to developing policy best practice in managing workplace equalities;
  • Fostering policy and research relationships with policy makers, trade unions, other agencies, and academic institutions to facilitate debate and discussion;
  • Consultancy and knowledge transfer to assist organisations to develop and implement equality programmes.

The Centre’s areas of expertise and examples of work undertaken include:

  • Age Diversity – Research to understand the implications of the legislation on age discrimination and the removal of mandatory retirement for the Higher Education Sector in the UK. Development of management resources in partnership with the Equality Challenge Unit for the sector to support change in this area (funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England).
  • Gender equality – Research to understand the causes of women’s under-representation in senior roles in Higher Education. Workshops to support women’s career development (Funded by the European Social Fund).
  • Work-life balance – Applied research to develop policy and best practice to manage flexible working (funded by former Department of Trade and Industry); a project to investigate leadership styles and their relationship to flexible working (funded by the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education)
  • Religion or belief – Research on the implications of legislation protecting against discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief in the workplace.
  • Disability – to follow.
  • Knowledge transfer – Reviews of equality policies and practices; development and implementation of action plans and training for public and private sector organisations.