Conference: Developing good practice in managing age diversity in the higher education sector

Managing age diversity is a topical subject for the higher education sector. The Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice is holding its end of project dissemination conference to present the outcomes of the project. This event will also provide a forum for academics, HE practitioners, and trade unionists to discuss age related issues for the sector.

Conference programme, 2 December 2008


Registration and coffee



Professor Janet Beer, Vice-Chancellor, Oxford Brookes University


Findings from the Age Staff Survey and focus groups

Dr Simonetta Manfredi, Project Leader, Co-Director of the Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice, Oxford Brookes University


Why age matters to the higher education sector

Nicola Dandridge, Chief Executive, Equality Challenge Unit

(no presentation available)




Age related issues in HE

Followed by open discussion

An employer’s perspective

Ian Cheetham, Director of Human Resources, University of Bath

A trade unions’ perspective

Ben Thomas, UNISON, Kate Heasman, UCU




Workshops: developing good practice to manage age diversity

(Focus on some of the examples included in the on-line good practice guide)

Each workshop will be repeated twice; delegates may attend two workshops.

  1. Implementation of the Age Regulations in Higher Education

    Prof Lucy Vickers Oxford Brookes University

  2. Segmented treatment: the same principles but different practices

    Prof Liz Doherty and Dr. Katherine Gardiner

  3. Managing without a fixed retirement age: the experience of Middlesex University

    Michael Howard, Middlesex University

  4. Developing good practice to manage age diversity

    Caroline Moughton Oxford Brookes University and Alison Hunt, Staffordshire University


Managing age diversity: examples from other sectors

Karen Constantine, Head of Employer Relations, The Employers Forum on Age


Age and the HE workforce: a HEFCE perspective

Amy Norton, Senior Policy Officer (Workforce Development, Rewarding and Developing Staff)

Fariba Dashtgard, Policy Officer (Equality and Diversity)


End of conference



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