Managing flexible retirement and extended working lives (2008, 2010)

The resources produced by this project are free to all Higher Education Institutions as well as other Educational establishments and interested parties.

This report presents the findings from a survey undertaken in 2010 and from previous research carried out in the HE sector about levels of staff’s requests to work past the age of 65 and about managing extended working lives. It provides information to allow HEIs to take an evidence-based approach to develop policies and practices in this area.

This guide is aimed at Human Resource Management Practitioners and Equality Specialists. It presents a range of information and resources to help HEIs develop their own best practice in managing flexible retirement and extended working lives. There are two versions of this guide: An extended on-line version

Workshop PowerPoint presentations and Case Studies

These resources were used in a series of regional workshops to explore the implications for the management of human resources of extending working lives, including the use of employer-justified retirement ages:

These resources can be used for training purposes to build management capability to manage extended working lives.

Equality in Research Careers

Women’s representation in Higher Education

Investigating the causes of women’ under-representation in Higher Education, (2005):


Work Life Balance and Family Life

Religion and Belief



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