About the conference

Women and Leadership: Closing the Gender Gap

13 and 14 September 2011


This event has now passed but you can read about the objectives of the the Women and Leadership conference, below. You can also download presentations from the conference.

Over the last 25 years the number of women in employment in the UK has increased by more than a third but in 2010 they still only made up 12.5% of corporate boards of FTSE 100 companies (Female FTSE board report 2010, Cranfield School of Management).

Concerns about the under-representation of women in leadership roles and the gender imbalance of corporate boards have prompted countries across the world to develop strategies that address these issues. Here, the UK Government recently published a report recommending a minimum of 25% female representation on boards by 2015.

Women also continue to be significantly under-represented in senior political roles. As highlighted by the Fawcett Society in the 2010 UK general election only 143 female MPs were elected out of 650. In the current cabinet only four of the 23 positions are held by women.

Why hold a conference?

This conference brought together academics, policy makers and women leaders in politics, business, public and voluntary sectors.

Focusing on the experience of women who have achieved leadership roles it considered strategies designed to increase the presence of women in senior posts both here and abroad.

The conference offered delegates the opportunity to reflect on their career choice and to be inspired by women leaders from across the business, public and voluntary sectors.

Who attended?

  • Female leaders from politics, business, public and voluntary sectors
  • Policy Makers
  • Early and mid-career women from all sectors
  • Academics