Jackie Ashley

Jackie AshleyJackie Ashley is a Guardian columnist writing a weekly column on British politics and social policy along with regular blogs.

Prior to this she was Political Editor at the New Statesmen.

She worked at ITN from 1986-2000 as Political Correspondent covering all major political events. She was the first correspondent to break the news of Margaret Thatcher’s resignation. Whilst working at Channel 4 News in the 1980’s she helped negotiate the first broadcasting of Parliament and led the team which set up initial House of Lords daily programmes from Black Rod’s garden.

She has regular appearances on Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme, ‘Newsnight’, ‘Channel 4 News’, ‘The Daily Politics’ and ‘The Politics Show’. She is one of four main presenters of Radio 4’s ‘The Week in Westminster’ and is also presenter of BBC2’s ‘Conference Report’.

She is frequently asked to chair at seminars and fringe meetings during party conferences and throughout the Westminster year as well as delivering live coverage of party conferences.

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