The Oxford Brookes University’s Equal Opportunity and Diversity Statement  states that equality is integral to all activities at Oxford Brookes: ‘Equal treatment - promoting inclusivity and valuing diversity - is one of the University’s core values. Everyone at Brookes can expect respect and equality whatever their age. 

We are delighted that our university community includes people of all ages, from the youngest children at our excellent nursery to people past normal retirement age who are still studying or working at Brookes.

Students over 30 make up over a third of our student body, and are supported by our mature students’advisory service.

Initiatives undertaken by Brookes on staff age-related issues include our apprenticeship scheme and our internship scheme for new Brookes graduates.

Oxford Brookes carried out a major research project for the higher education sector on good practice in managing age diversity.

The university promotes a good work-life balance  and recognises that staff may choose to vary their patterns of work at different periods in their working lives.  Any member of staff may apply for flexible working, which might include:

  • Adjusting start and finish times to collect a child from nursery.
  • Working compressed hours to do a part-time course.
  • Taking a career break for voluntary work in Africa.
  • Reducing hours to allow a phased approach to retirement, and the exploration of other interests.

The government recently announced plans to end the default retirement age from October 2011.  People approaching retirement age are encouraged to discuss their plans with line managers and HR.

Retired and former colleagues are encouraged to keep in touch through the Brookes Society.