Information for disabled staff

Oxford Brookes is committed to ensuring that disabled staff the help they need to enable them to work effectively at Brookes.

If you think you may have a disability or long-term medical condition please contact Elaine Dagnall

Whether you are a new of existing member of staff the university will provide reasonable adjustments to enable you to work effectively. Examples might include agreeing earlier/later starting times, providing assistive technology or furniture, making changes to the office layout or considering reallocating tasks within a team.

It is important that you tell the university that you are disabled, so that we can be sure that you get the support you need.

Funding may be available through the Access to Work Scheme for any adjustments that may be needed.

You can check details of access to Brookes buildings in our DisabledGo access guides. During 2011-2013 we have major construction work at our Gipsy Lane site, so please check the weekly Space to Think updates to see how access routes are affected.

Disabled Staff Network

Please join the Disabled Staff Network, which runs a private email list.  

The role of the Disabled Staff Network is:

  • To give the university expert advice on disability issues;
  • To promote a culture of disability awareness at Oxford Brookes
  • To provide mutual support for disabled staff at Oxford Brookes.

For details of how to join the list contact Elaine Dagnall


Updated Feb 2011