Equal opportunities and diversity: Gender

Oxford Brookes University’s Equal Opportunity and Diversity Statement  states that equality is integral to all activities at Oxford Brookes. All applicants to and members of the University community will be treated equally regardless of gender (including gender identity, gender expression and gender reassignment).  

Our Single Equality Scheme 2010 sets out how we intend to promote equality for everyone at Brookes and replaces earlier separate schemes and policies for Race, Gender and Disability Equality.

We report our progress in promoting diversity in our annual Diversity report.

We check on people’s experiences of gender equality by asking about gender in the surveys we carry out.  We also use the formal equality impact assessment process to examine the evidence by gender on whether our policies and practices are fair.

We have developed policies to support all staff in achieving a good work-life balance.  Our flexible working policy, for example, goes beyond the statutory minimum and allows any member of staff to request flexible working, subject to operational requirements.  We support staff in their family life through our maternity leave, parental leave  and paternity, maternity and adoption support leave  policies. 

The Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice has carried out research into women’s under-representation in senior roles in higher education, and developed interventions.

The Oxford Association for Women in Science and Engineering (AWiSE) is a loose organisation of women working in science and engineering in the Oxford area. It functions as a support network for women working in science and technology as well as reaching out into the wider community to show that women can do science successfully and with great enjoyment.

We recognise that there can be differences between physical sex and gender identity/expression.  We will at no time discriminate against people on the grounds of transvestism, transsexualism, intersex conditions or the process of gender reassignment, begun or complete.  We will respect the confidentiality of all trans staff and students. 

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