University Harassment Advisers

Oxford Brookes University is committed to providing a working environment free from harassment and bullying and which supports the right of all staff to be treated with respect.

As part of that commitment we have a Dignity and respect at work policy and a network of trained Harassment Advisers.

Harassment Advisers act as a first point of contact for staff who are concerned about harassment or bullying. Their role is to offer general support and guidance to staff who are worried that they may have witnessed harassment, feel they are being harassed or who have been accused of harassing behaviour.

Please read the Guidance for Harassment Advisers for more information on their role and how they work to support staff.

Harassment Advisers work on a cross-University basis so it’s not necessary for them to be part of your school or directorate If you would like to talk to one.

Contacting a Harassment Adviser

You can contact one of the Harassment Advisers directly in confidence. The current details of the network are below:


Email address

Phone number


Jon Appleton


UNISON Harassment and Bullying Adviser

Hannah Avil


Assistant Human Resources Manager

Susan Blair


Shops Manager

Ceri Butcher


Assistant Development Director (Alumni Relations and Fundraising)

Stephanie Caulfield


Human Resources Adviser

Ben Cooper


HR Team and Business Partnership Manager (Employee Relations)

Hanna Czarnecka - Nagy


Human Resources Manager

Sally Davis


Programme Lead for Rehabilitation and Nutrition

Dan Ganly


Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Business and Management

Darren Mills


Student Fees Team Leader

Faye Mitchell


Programme Lead for Postgraduate Computing and Communication Technologies

Michelle Montgomery

4198 / 2941

Head of Administration and Support Services, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Lizz O’Dell



Human Resources Adviser

Alicia Osbourn 5947 Executive Office Administrator

Orinta Ringiene


Human Resources Adviser

Barbara Wangrat


Human Resources Adviser Systems

Sandra Ward-Barber


Residences Community Officer

Additional points of contact

For general advice, you can also contact your link Human Resources Manager and your UNISON or UCU representative.

Interested in becoming a Harassment Adviser?

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Harassment Adviser please contact