Race equality report: introduction

The Race Relations Act 1976, as amended by the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 (the RR(A)), places a general duty on public authorities, including higher education institutions (HEIs), to promote race equality. Under the new duty, and through all relevant functions, Brookes University is required to have regard to the need to:

  • eliminate unlawful racial discrimination
  • promote equality of opportunity
  • promote good relations between people of different racial groups.

As well as the general duty, the Act imposes a specific duty on higher education institutions to assess the impact of all of their policies on students and staff of different racial groups. In particular, each institution is required to:

  • monitor the applications, admissions and progression of students
  • monitor the career progress of staff
  • publish its race equality policy
  • take reasonable steps to publish the results of its monitoring, assessment and review.

Brookes’ approach to equality and diversity in general

Brookes is seeking to be more widely known (both internally and externally) as a University which values diversity and actively promotes equality of opportunity.

The University revised its mission statement in the summer of 2002 and its commitment to equality of opportunity is expressed in its values. “Promoting inclusivity and valuing diversity” is one of the core values that Brookes seeks to uphold in the conduct of all its work. Managing diversity in such a way that every member of the University is enabled to perform to their potential is a key strategic goal for the period up to 2010.

The University’s HR strategy builds on Brookes’ moral and ethical stance on diversity, and starts from the belief that the future success of the University depends on its strategic response to important changes in the external environment. The ability to recruit and retain high quality staff who are well managed, and who are developed and resourced appropriately is a key element in achieving this objective.

Equally, Brookes recognises the value and importance of a diverse student body and is working to increase the number and proportion of home students from minority ethnic groups. One example of the work in this area is the recent appointment of two ethnic minority outreach workers who will liase with the local FE colleges, schools and community groups to work to improve participation from a wider range of students from the Oxfordshire area.

Brookes’ approach to race equality in particular

The University’s race equality policy reflects Brookes’ continuing commitment to making the University a good place to work and study for all our staff and students, and to tackling all forms of racial discrimination. The Governors have welcomed the statutory duties set out by the Act as it reflects the spirit in which Brookes has sought to handle all aspects of its employment and educational policies for many years. Copies of the full Race Equality Policy, action plan and feedback form are available on the Brookes diversity website or on request from hrteam-edi@brookes.ac.uk, 01865 485929

This report is divided into the following sections

  1. Update on EOD strategy and progress against key objectives
  2. Monitoring results
  3. Update on the University’s race equality policy and objectives as set out within the race equality action plan
  4. Summary


Equal opportunities and diversity