Race Equality Report 2005

5. Consultation and communication

The university has continued to develop more effective methods of consulting with staff and students from all ethnic groups.

  • The University’s first Staff Satisfaction Survey took place in 2003 and will be run again this year. The 2005 version will look more closely at the relative satisfaction of staff from different ethnic groups.
  • A Student satisfaction survey was conducted in 2004 and will be repeated this year. The survey was able to break down the results by ethnicity and, for the questions asked, showed no significant difference in the satisfaction of students from different ethnic groups.
  • Stronger links have been forged with the Students Union to ensure information is shared effectively with staff and students using Onstream (the weekly staff newsletter) and OBscene (the student newspaper).
  • The EODC network provides a forum within which information can be shared and ensures communication is disseminated throughout individual Schools and Directorates.
  • The Strengthening Community Links group continues to offer a forum for community contributions and feedback (see below for more details).
  • Focus groups have recently taken place with students from ethnic minorities at Brookes to explore their experience of studying at the University. Similar groups will be repeated later in the year with staff. The information gained from the consultation will be used when reviewing the University’s race equality policy to ensure that it is targeting the necessary areas to deliver equal treatment within the University.
  • Ethnic Minority Staff Forum.Towards the end of 2004 the University proposed that an Ethnic Minority Staff Forum be established. It would offer minority ethnic staff a platform to share their experiences of working at Brookes and to offer support and solidarity to each other. To date interest has been limited but the University will continue to publicise the initiative and/or look at other ways of offering support to staff from ethnic minority groups.
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  2. Context of report
  3. The Equal Opportunities and Diversity Network
  4. Training and awareness raising
  5. Consultation and communication
  6. Community links
  7. Monitoring staff
  8. Monitoring students
  9. Next steps
  10. Summary
  11. Appendix: Progress against action plan
Equal opportunities and diversity