Race Equality Report 2005

3. The Equal Opportunities and Diversity network

In November 2003 the University appointed Equal Opportunity & Diversity Co-ordinators (EODCs) within each of the Schools and Directorates. By placing a champion for diversity in each academic School and Directorate the University has given them a resource of time and experience with which to tackle issues of equality and diversity. The central role of these co-ordinators is to assist Deans and Directors in the delivery of equality within their own School/Directorate and to ensure that equality becomes fully embedded into the University’s policies, procedures and practices.

Over the last year and a half the co-ordinators have reviewed where their individual Schools/Directorates stand with relation to good practice in the areas of equality and diversity and have developed targeted action plans that address the particular needs identified in each. The EODCs:

  • Provoke: awareness, action and evaluation
  • Facilitate: training, access and good practice
  • Monitor: staff and student profiles, changing legislation, and good practice elsewhere
  • Act as a focus for enquiries from staff & students

The network also provides a resource to the University as a whole, through the sharing of knowledge and best practice, by participating in the work of numerous committees and action groups throughout the University’s structure and by working together to organise events such as the senior management conference and Diversity Awareness Week.

  1. Introduction
  2. Context of report
  3. The Equal Opportunities and Diversity Network
  4. Training and awareness raising
  5. Consultation and communication
  6. Community links
  7. Monitoring staff
  8. Monitoring students
  9. Next steps
  10. Summary
  11. Appendix: Progress against action plan


Equal opportunities and diversity