Race Equality Report 2005

4. Training and awareness raising

Equality and diversity is embedded into core elements of the staff development training programme. The Introduction Day for new staff, Recruitment and Selection training, Team Leader course, Associate teacher courses and Core Management and Leadership programme (CMLP) all now include modules on equal opportunities, with race equality as a particular element within each.

In addition, specific training courses on equality and diversity training have been offered including:

  • Managing diversity for new line managers
  • Managing diversity for new teaching staff

A wide range of other events have been organised to increase awareness of the importance and benefits of equality, diversity and inclusivity throughout the university, including

  • NCBI (National Coalition Building Institute) Welcoming Diversity & Prejudice Reduction Workshops
  • Learning and Teaching Forum - Critiquing the Eurocentric bias in teaching
  • Delivering Inclusivity & Diversity in Oxford Brookes -A one-day seminar and workshop presented and run by the University’s Equal Opportunities and Diversity network for senior management
  • Diversity Awareness Week, which featured
  • Interactive Forum Theatre focusing on managing group work with students from a diverse range of backgrounds and the topic of disclosure
  • Delivering Inclusivity & Diversity in Teaching Awards (DIDIT)
  • Diversity Art Competition (celebrating, demonstrating and promoting diversity at Oxford Brookes)
  • Diversity Quiz
  • Stands promoting equality and diversity on all campuses
  • Celebrating Diversity in the Curriculum: A practical workshop exploring different methods of promoting diversity in teaching
  1. Introduction
  2. Context of report
  3. The Equal Opportunities and Diversity Network
  4. Training and awareness raising
  5. Consultation and communication
  6. Community links
  7. Monitoring staff
  8. Monitoring students
  9. Next steps
  10. Summary
  11. Appendix: Progress against action plan


Equal opportunities and diversity