Equal opportunities and diversity: Sexual orientation

Oxford Brookes University’s Equal Opportunity and Diversity Statement  states that equality is integral to all activities at Oxford Brookes: “Equal treatment - promoting inclusivity and valuing diversity - is one of the University’s core values. Everyone at Brookes can expect respect and equality whatever their sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation”. 

The term sexual orientation is used to describe whether a person is sexually attracted to people of the oppostive sex, the same sex, or both oppostive and the same sexes.  The term does not just refer to lesbian, gay or bisexual people but also includes heterosexual people.

In 2008, Oxford Brookes was proud to award Neil Bartlett OBE an honorary doctorate in recognition of his body of work and of his pioneering and continuing commitment to gay culture and civil rights.

Social change to promote a fairer society has been backed by a range of legislation on equality issues, including sexual orientation. The Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations (2003) make it unlawful for anyone in the University to discriminate against, directly or indirectly, harass or victimise any member of staff or any student because of their actual or perceived sexual orientation.

Our community at Oxford Brookes includes students and staff from around the world, with a wide variety of attitudes and religious beliefs.  Attitudes to sexual orientation are shaped by the society and culture in which one grows up.  The university expects everyone who works and studies here to treat other people with respect. 

Some people are completely open about their sexual orientation, while others consider it a private matter.  Please respect people’s different decisions.  Any complaints of homophobic bullying, including ‘outing’ people, will be taken seriously and handled according to the University’s Dignity and respect at work policy.

Brookes has a network of Equal Opportunities and Diversity Co-ordinators who can be approached on any equality and diversity issues.

The Library also offer a range of LGBT-themed support and lifestyle books as well as many academic works on sexuality.