Sexual orientation: LGBT-themed support and lifestyle books

The Library offer a range of books as well as many academic works on sexuality.

  • Vanessa Baird (2007) The no-nonsense guide to sexual diversity (306.76/BAI).
  • Richard Dyer (2009) Gay icons (779.20922/GAY).
  • Bryce McDougall (2007) My child is gay: how parents react when they hear the news (on order).
  • Kimeron N. Hardin (2008) Loving ourselves: the gay and lesbian guide to self-esteem (158.108664/HAR).
  • Joan Larkin (2001) A woman like that: lesbian and bisexual writers tell their coming out stories (306.76630922/WOM).
  • Lauren Levin (2006) Same sex in the city: so your Prince Charming is really a Cinderella (306.7663/LEV).
  • Eric Marcus (2005) Is it a choice?: answers to the most frequently asked questions about gay and lesbian people (306.766/MAR).
  • Patrick Merla, ed. (1997) Boys like us: gay writers tell their coming out stories (306.7662/BOY).
  • Joan Roughgarden (2004) Evolution's rainbow : diversity, gender, and sexuality in nature and people (578.7/ROU).
  • Terry Sanderson (1997) Assertively gay: How to build gay self-esteem (158.1/SAN).
  • Ben Summerskill, ed. (2006) The way we are now: gay and lesbian lives in the 21st century (306.7660941/WAY).
  • Robert Williams and Ted Gideonse, eds. (2006) From boys to men: gay men write about growing up (306.7662/FRO).