Annual leave

Annual leave continues to accumulate whilst on adoption leave - paid or unpaid. You should ensure that allocated leave is taken before adoption leave commences. The annual leave accrued during adoption leave can be taken in the normal way, some people like to attach it to the end of their adoption leave. Normally a maximum of five annual leave days may be carried forward from one leave year to another, but with the agreement of the Dean of Faculty/Director a greater number may be carried forward.

If you choose to reduce your hours after adoption leave, annual leave accrued during adoption leave will accrue at the higher rate of hours worked before adoption leave and the remaining period of the year will be calculated against the part-time hours.

Regardless of length of service if you do not return to work following your adoption period, annual leave will be accrued for the first 26 weeks of the adoption leave period only and a payment for the accrued leave will be made after resignation, this will include an allowance for Bank Holidays and Concessionary Days, if applicable.

See also general annual leave entitlement.