Staff should ensure they have agreed with their line manager the precise working pattern they will do before confirming any childcare arrangements.

The University offer a Nursery which is at the Morrell Hall site, staff wishing to reserve a place should complete the application form at /student/services/nursery and send it to the Nursery. For more details please contact the Nursery direct on 01865 485051. The University are also able to offer a Nursery Tax Saving scheme for staff whose children are in the University Nursery. More details can be obtained from the Payroll team. Members of the scheme can expect to reduce their child care costs by about 30% if they are basic rate taxpayers or towards 40% for higher rate taxpayers.

The University offer Childcare Vouchers. The vouchers enable staff to save part of the cost of their childcare. Staff can have the ‘virtualvoucher’ childcare voucher scheme operated by Computershare Voucher Services to save money on the cost of childcare via a simple system involving a reduction in National Insurance contributions. Childcare vouchers are a type of salary sacrifice scheme that means a member of staff receives part of their salary in childcare vouchers. Childcare fees are exempt from National Insurance and so parents will save the National Insurance contribution on the part of their salary they take as vouchers. In real terms, if childcare fees are £400 per month, depending on an individual’s current salary, a saving of approximately £45 could be made through this scheme. Oxford Brookes will deduct the amount of vouchers from an individual’s gross salary in the monthly payroll process and will forward the amount to Computershare Voucher Services, who will then pay individual child carers within 4 working days of receiving the payment. The vouchers can be used for any registered childcare provision – childminders, after school clubs as well as day nurseries, nannies and family members who may care for a member of staff’s child up to the age of 16. For more information about this scheme please contact the Brookes Equal Opportunities and Diversity Manager.

You are advised to arrange childcare at the earliest opportunity preferably before the baby is born as spaces in many nurseries are allocated early.


Updated July 2014