Adoption leave

The time, before and after the child is adopted, when the member of staff is not at work. Adoption leave is split up into a number of elements which are ordinary adoption leave (OAL), additional adoption leave (AAL) and University adoption leave (UAL).

The first 26 weeks of adoption leave The following 26 weeks of adoption leave A further 11 weeks of Adoption leave

Adoption pay

The pay that you get during adoption leave. The type and amount will depend on certain qualifying conditions and the length of leave taken.

Statutory adoption pay (SAP)

This is the minimum Adoption pay paid to a member of staff who qualifies as set out in legislation.

Adoption allowance (AA)

Staff who are not entitled to SAP will be able to claim AA from the Benefits Agency.

Matching Certificate

A certificate that is evidence that you have been matched to adopt.

Qualifying conditions/week

The amount of pay a member of staff will receive will be dependent on whether or not they satisfy certain qualifying conditions. To qualify for statutory adoption pay, and enhanced University adoption pay you must have more than 26 weeks continuous service at the date you are notified of being matched with a child for adoption.