Adoption Guidance

Adoption taking place on or after 1 April 2007.


This is the Adoption guidance. It is a detailed document to guide staff and managers on all aspects of adoption with regard to employment at Oxford Brookes University. The Adoption policy is a condensed version of this document giving details of entitlements and responsibilities.

Managing work, adopting a child and possibly a change in life-style can be a stressful time in a person’s life. These pages have been designed with help from employees who have experienced the adoption provisions at the University. As a University we have a strong commitment to equal opportunities and this means actively helping male and female employees to combine family life with a satisfying working life. To enable staff to return to work we have included some information on the University’s childcare provisions and details of the career break, part-time/flexible working and job sharing schemes which may enable a more gradual return to work.

The adoption provisions apply to all employees, full and part-time. Faculties and Directorates have the responsibility and the resources to determine and implement an appropriate staffing replacement whilst an employee is on adoption leave. Further advice and guidance are available from the HR Department.

Adoption leave and pay is not available in circumstances where a child is not newly matched for adoption, for example when a step-parent is adopting a partner’s children.

The University congratulates staff on the adoption of their child.


updated Mar 2011