Keeping in touch days

Staff may, by agreement with their line manager, undertake up to 10 keeping in touch (KIT) days during their adoption leave. KIT days can be used to undertake work, training or any other work related activity. Children must not be brought to the work place on days that will be considered as KIT days.

KIT days are optional and there is no obligation for either the member of staff or the University to agree to a KIT day and the member of staff has the right to turn down a KIT day without suffering any detriment.

A KIT day is any day where work (or training) is undertaken up to normal contractual hours, e.g. if only 1 hour of work is undertaken this would count as 1 KIT day.

Staff will not be paid for KIT days (though existing adoption pay will not be affected). For each KIT day taken the member of staff will receive time off in lieu (TOIL). TOIL will be matched for the number of hours worked, if 2 hours are worked then 2 hours of TOIL will be earnt, if 10 hours are worked then 10 hours of TOIL will be earnt. The maximum amount of TOIL that can be earnt is 74 hours which would be built up over a maximum of 10 KIT days, this is the equivalent of 37 hours being worked over a five day period for a full time member of staff. Full-time staff and part-time staff will be able to work up to 74 hours over 10 days if agreed in advance with their line manager.

TOIL can be used to extend the total period of adoption leave or can be used to provide additional leave during the leave year in which the employee returns to work. For example, if an employee were due to return to work on Monday 7 May and had worked 10 KIT days, for payroll purposes she/he would be treated as returning on the 7 May but would not physically return until Monday 21 May.

Once the KIT days have been used the employee will lose a week’s adoption pay for any week in which they work for the University.

Line managers and staff are responsible for recording keeping in touch days on the kit days form. Under no circumstance will KIT days be paid. Children may not be brought to work on KIT days.