Summary of the University’s adoption scheme

You must inform your line manager and the HR Department as soon as you have been approved for adoption using the notice of approval letter, even though a placement has not been allocated.

You must give a minimum of 28 days notice of when you want to start adoption leave and you must complete the leave and pay form.

You are able to speak to an HR representative in confidence without your line manager knowing.

Once the line manager is informed that you have been approved to be an adoptee an adoption meeting is held. The meeting should be organised by your line manager to include an HR representative, yourself and your line manager.

You should use the adoption leave pay chart to help decide the best time to start your adoption leave.

Staff who qualify receive 39 weeks adoption leave with some pay, and can take unpaid leave until a total of 63 weeks have been taken including paid and unpaid leave. Staff who do not have qualifying service will be entitled to 52 weeks unpaid adoption leave.

Staff who qualify will receive 13 weeks full pay and 13 weeks at 50% pay plus statutory adoption pay flat rate or the normal rate of pay which ever is lower, and 13 weeks statutory adoption pay flat rate.

Two weeks paternity/maternity/adoption support leave is available for qualifying staff.

The University assumes that all staff will take 52 weeks adoption leave. Staff wishing to take more or less than 52 weeks must give 8 weeks (56 days) notice of their return using the confirming return from adoption leave letter.

A return to work Interview is held between you, your line manager and an HR representative during the first week back from adoption leave which should be arranged by your line manager.

Career breaks are available, please see the Career break scheme. Part-time working and job share may also be available.

Flexitime is operated in some Faculties and Directorates.

The University has a Nursery. An application form can be found on the Nursery website.

Parental leave is available for qualifying staff and should be pursued through the Parental leave policy.