Help planning your childcare provision

Oxford Brookes recognises the challenges working parents face balancing work and family life, whether this is finding suitable childcare options or managing costs.

Here is what Brookes is currently able to offer to help staff: 

Childcare vouchers:

Staff are offered the opportunity to save money on their childcare through the provision of childcare vouchers. The University scheme is operated by Computershare Voucher Services. Deductions are made from salary before tax and NI contributions and can be used for Ofsted registered childcare providers. This can cover nursery costs as well as some school holiday activity courses such as supercamps or PGL.  In addition, Computershare has negotiated discounts with some suppliers.  

For more information on childcare vouchers and to find out how to register please visit the dedicated HR webpage.

For older children - planning for the summer holidays:

We have drawn together a list of local providers who have offered school holiday schemes recently - details can be found on the HR Directorate homepage (please note that while we have tried to keep this as current as possible, arrangements can change).

Oxford Brookes University staff have access to a 15% discount on standard rates (excluding any other promotional offers) with Ultimate Activity Camps. Staff wishing to take advantage of this offer should call the Ultimate Activity office on 0330 111 7077 in order to make a booking.

For younger children - Oxford Brookes Nursery: 

Oxford Brookes Nursery is an Ofsted rated 'Outstanding' nursery run by Brookes. The nursery caters for 54 children aged from 4 months to 5 years old. Priority is given to children of University staff and students but external children are welcomed in the 2-5's room.

The nursery's vision is a simple one - that you will join our many other families who "consider their children very lucky indeed to attend such a wonderful setting". (Ofsted June 2015)

Upcoming government changes:

The Government is introducing a new scheme called Tax-Free Childcare (TFC). TFC will be different to childcare vouchers, and will not be offered through your employer.

TFC will work a bit like a savings account - you'll need a separate account for each of your children. You pay money into an account from your net pay, so it’s taken after tax and National Insurance have been deducted. Then for every 80p you pay in, the Government adds 20p. You will need to pay in £8,000 to reach the maximum Government contribution of £2,000 per child per year.

TFC will be rolled out in 2017 and the existing childcare voucher scheme will remain open to new entrants until April 2018. From April 2018 you will lose the right to sign up to a childcare voucher scheme through your employer. However, if you already take childcare vouchers, you can continue taking them for as long as you remain eligible.

Assuming you’re eligible for both schemes, some working parents will be better off with TFC and some will save more with childcare vouchers. A new government Childcare calculator is available where you can get a more personal illustration of what help you could get with childcare costs.

May 2017