Future maternity leave

Staff who qualify for maternity leave for their second, third, fourth etc child, may not necessarily qualify for Statutory Maternity Pay and Occupational Maternity Pay. To qualify for Statutory Maternity Pay and Occupational Maternity the member of staff must have been earning on average not less than the lower earnings limit for national insurance purposes during week 17 to week 25 of pregnancy (8 weeks prior to the end of the qualifying week, which is the 15th week before the baby is due). 

Benefits you may be entitled to

There are a number of different benefits that staff may be entitled to and they should contact the benefits agency to find out, such as: Children’s Tax Credit, Income Support and Incapacity Benefit.


For further information please see summary of pension arrangements for employees taking maternity leave, adoption leave, paternity/maternity/adoption support leave.

The above link will take you to information about pensions. Staff who do not have access to the internet should contact their link HR team who will be able to print a copy of the relevant web page and send it to staff, who request, by post.

Membership of a Union

When paid maternity leave finishes, Union contributions will also cease. The member of staff must contact her union should she wish her contributions to continue.

Sick pay whilst on maternity leave or if returned early from maternity leave

The normal sickness leave rules apply unless maternity leave has commenced.  Staff are not entitled to sick leave whilst receiving Statutory Maternity Pay, Maternity Allowance or unpaid leave.

Staff with more than one employer

Statutory maternity pay applies to each employment contract, therefore, a member of staff who has two employers will receive statutory maternity pay from each employer provided she meets the criteria for each employer. See maternity pay for more information.