External work by Lecturing and Allied staff


This section sets out guidelines for applying the contractual provisions relating to external work and the procedures to be adopted by staff and those responsible for dealing with such applications.

The University encourages external work which is supportive of lecturer's and research staff's professional responsibilities, and wishes to develop external work in order both to enhance the quality of teaching and help secure the institution's financial future.


External work is defined as any activities undertaken by a member of staff except for the following:-

  1. Work which has been approved as part of the normal University duties of the member of staff.
  2. External examining.
  3. Acting as assessor or moderator.
  4. Production of scholarly works such as books, articles and papers.
  5. Unremunerated activities. An activity is only regarded as unremunerated if no valuable consideration passes between any two parties in recognition of the work being undertaken.


Staff must notify their Dean of Faculty of all external work (as defined above) and await his/her decision before entering into any obligation. Staff must be particularly careful not to give any commitments during informal discussions or correspondence. The attached form shall be used to provide the information on which a decision can be made by the Dean of Faculty that a contract can be entered into.

Failure to notify the University of external work in accordance with the contractual provisions and these procedures will be regarded as a serious disciplinary offence.

The Dean of Faculty (or other person nominated by the Dean of Faculty) will decide on the application within 5 working days if possible, or will agree with the member of staff a timetable for deciding the application. Staff are encouraged to give as much notice as possible.

In deciding the application the Dean of Faculty will determine whether the activity will:-

  1. interfere with the performance of your professional responsibilities;
  2. conflicts with the interests of the University;
  3. compete with the interests of the University e.g. that the work which the University does or could have expected to undertake as part of its educational, training, research or consultancy mission, using the expertise of that member of staff or others.

In the case of (a) the Dean may consider that the agreed duties of a lecturer should be varied to accommodate the work, otherwise approval cannot be given. in the case of (b) it is unlikely that approval can be given, however in reaching a decision the Dean will have due regard to the University's duty to take all reasonable steps to protect academic freedom. In the case of (c) approval will only normally be given if the activity is conducted in accordance with the procedures and contractual requirements issued by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Registrar.

For part-time staff, applications will normally be approved without restrictions or conditions unless the work is in conflict with the University's activities.

If a member of staff undertakes external work which, has been approved but is not carried out under the terms of a contract signed by a member of the Senior Management Team or the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Registrar or other nominated officer of the University then he/she cannot:-

  1. associate the work in any way with Oxford Brookes University or indicate that he/she is employed by the University in the work undertaken, and
  2. use of the University's resources in connection with the work without the written agreement of the University.

The Dean of Faculty will communicate his/her decision to the member of staff as soon as possible, and in any event within the timetable agreed. The formal notification of the decision will be by completion of the relevant section of the application form, which will include any conditions on the approval. Copies of the completed form will be sent by the Dean of Faculty to the applicant and also to the Marketing Department, who will then contact the member of staff to arrange the precise contract details.