Appendix 1: the Vice-Chancellor and Registrar

Although the details of this procedure do not apply to these two senior posts within the university, they are entitled, as all other employees, to lodge a grievance about their working conditions or relationships, and it is accepted that there may be circumstances in which other employees wish to raise a grievance against one of the two senior posts.

In either case, the person raising the grievance should do so in writing to the Director of Human Resources. The Director will consult the Chair of Governors and will agree how the grievance may most effectively be handled through informal methods, such that both parties are content with the outcome.

If such an informal treatment of the issue fails to reach a mutually acceptable outcome, the Director of Human Resources will convene a Grievance Panel under Stage 3 of the procedure and the panel shall consist of two independent Governors who have not previously had any involvement in the case.


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Updated March 2012