Recruitment to jobs at Brookes

Recruitment and selection guidance

Guidance document relating to recruitment to jobs at Oxford Brookes University.

The Recruitment and Selection policy is currently under review.

Recruitment process map An overview map of the recruitment process at Oxford Brookes University.
Other related policies and procedures A collection of various Brookes policies and procedures relevant to recruitment.
Forms and documentation A collection of forms and templates relevant to recruitment.
Guidance notes and exemplars A collection of guidance materials relevant to recruitment.
Question bank

A bank of generic questions which can be tailored to support your forth coming interview.

Training and development A package of training and development interventions to support recruitment.
Interview practice

Looking for some interview practice?

Appreciation provided in form of book vouchers.

Current Vacancies at Brookes This links to Oxford Brookes current vacancies web page. This page includes links to working at Brookes and Benefits of Brookes.
Induction of new employees Useful information for organising a new employee's induction into Oxford Brookes.
Useful web links Useful website links relating to recruitment.

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