Employing temporary agency workers

We now use 4 agencies depending on the type of work, please see Temp agencies at Oxford Brookes.

The use of temporary agency workers benefits Brookes as it offers flexibility to manage fluctuating workloads and allows short term vacancies to be filled quickly.

However there may be another, more cost effective option that you should explore before resorting to the current agency temp supplier, Reed.

Job vacancies https://careers.brookes.ac.uk/home.html is a platform where employers can upload their vacancies free of charge and students can browse available opportunities. The registration and posting of vacancies on the new platform is a very quick and straight forward process. This Careers database contains vacancies that students and graduates can search.

Benefits for Oxford Brookes

Increasingly our students need to earn income whilst they study.  This facility can enable all managers across the University, in need of casual and hourly paid staff to see if any of our students might be potentially suitable. This can save time searching for potential casual staff and give a much better response rate than a posting on an electronic notice board or a programme-wide student email.

If you have any questions regarding this service please do not hesitate to contact the Careers Information Team on extension 4670.

If you decide to employ an agency worker then you will need to be aware of the Agency Worker Regulations 2010.


Feb 2011