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About Sopra Steria Recruitment

Offering recruitment services for over 35 years, Sopra Steria have a track record in the Education Sector.  Other Universities they work with include Southampton, Bristol, Durham and Newcastle.  Specialising in corporate professional functions, Sopra Steria are the chosen Lot 3 supplier for professional roles in the areas of Finance, Human Resources and Marketing.

The Account Manager and single point of contact for services from Sopra Steria is Thea Lee. Thea is an experienced Account Manager who specialises in working with higher education authorities throughout the UK. She works in partnership with her clients, consulting through end to end recruitment lifecycles across a number of skillsets including Finance, HR and Marketing. If you have any queries regarding your recruitment needs, please not hesitate to contact her on the number below.


Key Contact

Rebecca Dickinson
Account Manager
Office: 0161 216 3410



Rate Calculator & Fees

This is the updated rate card for Sopria Steria sent retrospectively.

Take a look at Sopra Steria’s rate calculator to see what the hourly pay rate and charge rate will be for each grade.

If you decide to take the temp on as an employee of Oxford Brookes on either a fixed term or permanent contract, please be aware that the below ‘temp to perm’ fees may apply:

Weeks in Continual Employment

Fee applicable as a Percentage of Annual Salary

0 to 4 Weeks


4 to 8 Weeks


8 to 12 Weeks


Over 12 Weeks

Free of Charge


Induction handbook 

This induction handbook will be handed to each temp by Steria before they start their placement with Oxford Brookes.  It provides the temp with useful information and key policies relating to both Steria and Oxford Brookes.


Timesheet authorisation instructions

Steria use an online timesheet system to record and authorise the pay to temps.  The line manager will be responsible for authorisation of the hours worked on a weekly basis and Steria will inform the line manager about how to do this.  Timesheet authorisation instructions.


Key Performance Indicators 2016



As an employer, it is our duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of our employees. This duty of care also extends to temporary workers we engage through agencies.

Temporary workers engaged through Sopra Steria should complete two online training modules covering Health & Safety in the workplace, and the use of DSE before they start their assignment with Oxford Brookes. There will be a small section of the DSE online training they will need to complete once they have started at Brookes but this will not take much time.

There will be a charge of £25 per person for the provision of this training which the relevant department will be invoiced for. Although there is a cost attached to this training, this arrangement provides a much more cost effective way of ensuring the temporary worker has received the training for which we have a duty of care to provide. By completing the required training before they start their assignment, they will not be required to attend OBU's in house mandatory DSE and Health & Safety courses, resulting in a saving of around 4 hours' pay.