Document checking

It is the responsibility of the recruiting manager to obtain specific documents to prove that all interviewed candidates are eligible to work in the UK.  The simplest form of this is a copy of their Passport.   For further details of the specific documents that are required and accepted please see the prevention of illegal working document list (Word doc).  The UKVI require that the following checks are undertaken when checking proof of eligibility to work in the UK.

The recruiting manager must:

  • ask for and take copies of original, acceptable documents showing that the candidate is allowed to work in the UK;
  • be satisfied that the documents presented are genuine and that the person presenting them is both the rightful holder and allowed to do the type of work on offer; and
  • ensure the line manager of the appointed candidate is aware that they must carry out repeat checks if the person has a time limit on their stay in the UK.  This is normally carried out once their leave comes to an end.

Please note: When taking passport copies we must have a copy of the personal details page any visa stamps and both sides of any biometric cards. 

The Eligibility Checklist (word doc) acts as a prompt to ensure the above checks are carried out correctly.  We only require an eligibility checklist to be filled out for the appointed candidate but the checks must be carried out for ALL candidates being interviewed and copies of all candidates’ proof of eligibility must be on file.