Examples of immigration stamps and endorsements

UK Residence Permit (replaced by Biometric Residence Permits)

The UK Residence Permit (which we call UKRP) was a form of endorsement, introduced in 2003, which is being replaced by the Biometric Residence Permit. It was used to endorse passports and other travel documents belonging to nationals from outside the EEA, and also placed on Home Office Immigration Status Documents to show that a person has been granted leave to enter or remain in the UK. The UKRP replaced most of our ink stamps but you may still be given older documents with valid ink stamps.

The UKRP was issued to those nationals intending to stay here for longer than six months and is being replaced by BRPs. It was not issued to any non EEA nationals who were required to obtain a visa or entry clearance to enter the UK before they travel here.

The UKRP contains a number of security features, which are highlighted
below to help you recognise and identify what they look like.

residence permit check

Indefinite leave to enter or remain or no time limit on a person’s stay in the UK

Any individual who is granted indefinite leave to enter or remain in the UK or who has no time limit on their stay here may stay and work in the UK as long as they like.  There are no immigration restrictions placed on the type of job they may be offered.

residence permit

You may also see the following endorsements which show that a person has this status. These endorsements are being phased out, but when checked will still give you an excuse if they are given to you in a passport by the holder.

sample remain in the uk stampsample remain in the uk smaller stamp

sample smaller leave to remain in the uk image

The holders of travel documents who have been granted indefinite leave to enter or remain here may have a green vignette in their original passport, (above left) OR a printed endorsement in their current travel document stating: ‘There is no time limit on the holder’s stay in the United Kingdom.’ (above right).