Managers' responsibilities

Employment policy

To work within guidelines of the Employment policy.

Recruitment and selection

  • Please ensure that a signature has been obtained from your Dean of Faculty/Director and the Finance and Legal Services Directorate (finance request up to three days to consider the paperwork). The details must include a word-processed job description and person specification, an advertising checklist and provide key information to be included in the advertisement.
  • Please collect all returned applications no more than two days after the closing date.
  • Interview Panels can only be comprised of staff who have attended a Recruitment and Selection Skills Course.
  • Please return the Interview Information form with completed shortlisting form(s) to the Directorate of Human Resources at least seven days before the Interview.
  • After interviews a completed appointment sheet and interview assessment form together with all files must be returned to the Directorate of Human Resources in order for a contract of employment to be issued.

Casual/fixed term employment of less than six months

  • Before recruiting a casual/fixed-term employee you must ensure that there is budgetary provision available.
  • Please ensure you check the new employee’s eligibility to work.
  • Submit a staff request and attach eligibity forms for each person. The employee must supply their personal details by submitting a form against the relevant post on vacancy page.
  • Ensure that the casual employee has completed a casual claim form in order that they receive payment for their work. They will need to supply their bank details via the Staff HR Portal in order to be paid.

Recruitment of agency temps

Before recruiting a temp you must ensure that there is a budget available.

Employment of relatives

Where a close relative is an applicant for a permanent post, the employee who is related should inform the Directorate of Human Resources and the person responsible for making the appointment in the Faculty/Directorate concerned.


Please note that if you are employing an international [non-EU] student then you must check to see if they have any other contracts of employment at all with the University, perhaps in a different Directorate or Faculty. This is because no more than 20 hours per week can be worked by any international student during semester time and this includes any combination of hourly-paid contract. Recruiting managers have a responsibility for checking this.