Postgraduate research studentship scheme

The above Scheme was formally ratified at the Joint Committee for Teaching and Research Staff on 22 February 1995 and the Scheme came into effect on 1 February 1995.

Paragraph 5 of Appendix 3 of the full Scheme has been amended to allow for the Research Student - when offered part-time teaching activities - the opportunity to resolve difficulties by using the grievance procedure for academic staff if appropriate.

This Scheme is applicable for Research Students only. Its provisions cannot be applied to any other categories of staff.

In November 1993 an investigation was undertaken into the methods of payment to students who were undertaking a research degree at the University.

Pending further clarification the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs instituted temporary arrangements. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs’ memorandum of 28 November 1993 detailed the temporary measures.

The matter was discussed at RCC, who agreed to refer the matter to a small working party of Faculties primarily affected. A small working party chaired by the Dean of Research met on a number of occasions and agreed that:

  • There is a Postgraduate Research Studentship Agreement instituted for such students.
  • The University determined procedure in appointing Research Students is adhered to. Further advice on this is available from the Head of the Research Unit.
  • In instances where such research students are required to undertake part-time teaching activities, payment should be made on the principles agreed and dependant upon the level of responsibility required.

The discussions have involved consultation with all interested Faculties and NATFHE as the relevant Trade Union and this information is also being made available to UNISON.

The principles outlined above come into immediate effect. Rates of pay for Research Students who undertake part-time teaching activities as specified in schedule of rates of pay for research students come into effect with effect from 1 February 1995.

As a transitional measure, existing agreements entered into will be allowed to continue as detailed in the attached schedule.

All agreements for full-time University Research studentships shall conform to a University standard agreement and details of this are available from the Head of the Research Unit. Any payments e.g. “bursary”, “grant”, “studentship loan” etc. needs to be declared by the individuals to the Inland Revenue. The agreement makes this clear.

If any full-time research student is required to undertake teaching or “teaching support” then he/she needs to be issued with a part-time hourly paid lecturers' contract through Finance and Legal Services, be paid at the nationally agreed hourly rate and paid only by submitting a claim confirming that they have undertaken the teaching. If there is a case for varying the level of payment then this should be discussed with the Directorate of Human Resources prior to any arrangements being confirmed. Refer to schedule of rates of pay. Payments will be made through the payroll system and are liable to income tax under Schedule E.

Commitments to existing full-time University research students will be investigated urgently with a view to bring them into this framework at the first available opportunity.

These changes are being implemented with immediate effect because of the current methods of payment through “bursaries”, “student loans” etc. are contravening Inland Revenue requirements, and the nationally agreed rates of pay.