Relocation Scheme Conditions

The University will reimburse up to £5,000 inclusive of VAT for expenses necessarily incurred in relocating as a result of obtaining a post with the University, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Relocation expenses are only payable to new employees appointed as a result of a national or international recruitment advertisement.
  2. Staff appointed on a temporary contract of two years or less are ineligible for financial assistance. However, where a temporary contract is extended beyond any initial period to longer than the 2 year qualification period, the employee could become retrospectively eligible for financial assistance under this scheme. Therefore employees on contracts of two years or less duration are advised to retain evidence of expenditure in order to make a claim, if they become eligible.
  3. In order to be eligible for financial assistance under this Scheme, the appointee must be living more than 50 kilometres from their principal place of work as determined in the employment contract at the University when appointed.
  4. The appointee must purchase similar accommodation not more than 50 kilometres from their principal place of work at the University. Where accommodation is purchased outside this radius, the Director of Human Resources has discretion to approve financial assistance in exceptional circumstances.
  5. The grant payable is per household removed, i.e. not per person.
  6. All payments are discretionary. To avoid doubt over what can be claimed, approval for the types of expenditure that will be approved must be obtained from the Human Resources Directorate before claims are submitted.
  7. The University will not reimburse expenses incurred by travel to work where the employee does not move house but chooses to commute to the University from the existing place of residence.
  8. Examples of expenditure that may be reimbursed under this scheme are: - legal costs, estate agents’ fees, survey costs and mortgage redemption fees incurred in the sale of the employee's former home and the purchase of a new property; additional expenditure incurred through maintaining two homes for an interim period; additional travelling expenses for an interim period where 2 homes are being maintained whilst a family move is completed (for example, to return home to the previous place of residence) at the weekends; the removal of household effects to the new property.
  9. Employees moving from rented property may claim the eligible costs involved in purchasing a property when moving to work at the University and, subject to the £5K limit, may also claim any additional rent incurred where moving means that two rents must be paid simultaneously for an interim period.
  10. In the event of the recipient leaving the University within two years, he or she will be required to repay a sum equivalent to the grant reduced by one twenty-fourth for each completed month of service. Where ever practical and in most cases this sum will automatically be deducted from the recipient’s final salary.
  11. Eligibility for assistance will be determined on submission of the attached Declaration Form. Claim forms, must be submitted within 12 months of commencing work unless the Director of Human Resources agrees an extension during the first 12 months of employment. Where a temporary contract has been extended claim forms must be submitted, if applicable, within 3 months of the extension being agreed.




Policy reviewed November 2012 BP.