Schedule of rates of pay for research students

1. It is intended to implement the following rates of pay for research students undertaking teaching activities with effect from 1 February 1995. These rates will apply to all new research students only. There will be a transitional period of two years, during which continuing students who are currently being paid at rates other than those detailed below, may continue to be paid in accordance with any existing agreements.

[If Faculties wish to use either different payment levels or develop a different model to pay other staff, please contact the Directorate of Human Resources prior to agreeing any payments]

2. Research students will be paid at one of the following rates, using the hourly-paid lecturers contract, depending upon the nature of the duties undertaken.

3. The rates will be reviewed annually and the Level 1 Rate to be implemented will be the nationally agreed rate for hourly-paid lecturers (available from the Directorate of Human Resources).

4.1 Level 1 : [standard rate for an hourly paid lecturer]

This is the standard hourly rate for hourly paid lecturers, and duties undertaken by research students will be equivalent to that undertaken by such a lecturer. This level covers a range of duties and will normally include:

- preparation and delivery of course material

- solely in charge of class

- setting and assessing coursework

- administration of the above

4.2 Level 2 : [66% of the standard rate]

Duties will normally include that of Level 3, plus:

- assessment of coursework using a mark scheme determined by a member of academic staff as part of their normal duties

- in charge of practical classes and small group work without close supervision by a member of staff, but using course material generated by a member of staff

4.3 Level 3 : [50% of the standard rate]

This will normally involve demonstrating or similar work:

- demonstrating in laboratory classes

- assisting with fieldwork

- participating in seminars

- no generation of original course material

- no assessment

- no administration

- always under direct supervision of a member of academic staff as part of their normal teaching duties

5. In the event of a dispute about the interpretation of these categories, the matter would be referred to the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Consultancy) in the first instance. If the matter was not resolved satisfactorily, the grievance procedure for academic staff could be invoked.

6. The provisions of this scheme should not be used as a substitute for the employment of staff other than Research Students to undertake the part-time teaching activities outlined above.

7. Faculties are advised to consult the Head of the Research Unit prior to initiating any appointments, in order to ensure consistency. The contracts of employment for research students undertaking part-time teaching activities will be issued by the Directorate of Human Resources.