Student Employment Office

The University is committed to supporting the establishment of the Student Employment Office and the employment of students where this is practicable and does not act to the detriment of their studies. Equally the employment of students is not designed to disadvantage the contractual rights of existing staff or lead to a ‘casualisation’ of the workforce.

It is acknowledged that there could be a possible tension between these two policy aims if the emphasis leaned too far in either direction. Consequently the management has not encouraged Faculties or Directorates deliberately to restructure jobs so that students can undertake them. Nor have we issued a prohibition on such restructuring. If there is work to be undertaken and it is appropriate and practicable for students to undertake it, then Faculties and Directorates should bear the Employment Office in mind and give preference to students when filling such jobs.

It is anticipated that the majority of student employment will be for short periods, possibly on a casual basis if it is not intended to last for more than three months, but in any event the provisions of the Recruitment and Selection Policy will apply. This means that any appointments intended at the outset to last for more than six months will be advertised externally and the appointee will have a standard temporary contract of employment. Students will be paid the same rates of pay and given the same conditions of service as any other person who would have been employed in the same circumstances.